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Verbal Communication

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Dec. 9th, 2006 | 11:08 pm
posted by: rainstorm159 in teh_biscuit

This is somewhat of an old observation of mine, but I’ve noticed that as society progresses the amount of oral communication seems to decline.

For example, while walking around campus many students can be spotted with headphones on. In a way this stop a certain amount of communication as people may choose not to talk to someone who is listening to music for several reasons:
(1) They feel that they would be “interrupting” the person who is listening to music.
(2) They worry that the person may not hear them call out their name, especially if it’s over a distance.

Also, online shopping has now become such a major phenomenon in American society. From this there is now less in-person shopping because lets face it, why go out and spend time and gas money when you can order whatever it is you want with a single click. This is not to say that there is a dramatic drop in in-store customers, but for many the internet provides a nice convenience. Plus in some cases what you want is not offered online and so you must therefore go out and look for it in person. Things like clothing can also be hard to shop for over the internet because you want to see what they look like and how well they fit on your particular body.

In addition, I’ve noticed that people’s literacy levels are going down. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen poor grammar/spelling from others. My pet peeve is people who spell “a lot” as one word. I don’t know if the education system isn’t teaching children literacy or if people just don’t care and get lazy about it. I think that internet slang has contributed to this lack of knowledge. I had one college professor who told the class that they had received a paper in which the student had written it in the same manner as one would talk. Their paper consisted of things like, “So you know… like umm.” This makes one wonder what is happening in the world to result in something like this.

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