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Dr. Phil

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Dec. 14th, 2006 | 04:48 pm
posted by: rainstorm159 in teh_biscuit

I was on YouTube the other day, and I came across this video:


First of all, for him to say that he doesn't want to promote this sort of behavior is contradicting. Just by putting the guys’ video on public television he is introducing that sort of behavior to the general public. He acts as if he's never seen the content that was on the video before. But we all know that it's been pre-recorded.

All major television networks are controlled by a small number of major corporations. Meaning that the competition between these networks is fierce. Think of how the elections happen these days. It’s always between the democrats and republicans. There is never a third party who has a chance. Therefore the competition between those two parties is intense because everyone knows that the outcome will be one of those two parties.

If there were a bunch of smaller groups then the power would be divided more evenly, more of a democracy you could say. The corporations would all have the same rights, open viewpoints, and free choice as they wouldn’t be forced to restrict what they broadcast like in today’s society. Also the different corporations could represent different goals. There would be a wider selection of what to view on television, as more interests would be viewable.

Today’s television networks also have to worry about protecting financial interests. Powerful groups put pressures on the media. For example, people with lots of money give donations to the networks to put out media that displays a certain viewpoint (although this might be unnoticeable to the average viewer). If you watch the news channels during election time you can sometimes see that one network favors one party over the other, but not in an obvious manner. Because the networks major goal is to make the most money, they are willing the do things under the radar that will keep the powerful interests in favor of them and keep receiving funds from them.

So for Dr. Phil to ignore this guy who was a guest on the show, in the larger picture he and the network are trying to display their morals/values/ideas to the rest of the world in hopes that people will agree with the network and think that kicking the guest off was the right thing to do. Their hope is that then the people will remember this incident and put the network in their list of favorable channels to view. I also have to point out that Dr. Phil says that he’s “helping” people, just like the guest said he was doing on the video. But all he’s really doing is “airing dirty laundry” and then sending the people on their merry way. The point of his show is entertainment, and that’s all the guy in the video was doing….

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